10 Ways to Slay your Goals

As we have effortlessly stepped into the second quarter of the year there are many benefits that come with things that are new.

The opportunity to gain a sense of clarity, chances to revamp your lifestyle, and my favorite part, the ability to knock out more goals!

For all of my goal-slayers out there you are more than aware of what I’m talking about. In life, we have to take hold of every moment and create the destiny we want.

​Have you ever walked into someone’s home, or visited your favorite shopping center while running errands and came across an inspirational quote that just shook your soul? As of late a common quote I’ve encountered on numerous occasions somehow found its way into my home:

The motivational staples that you see are more than just quotes; they are a blueprint for how to reap all of your desires.

I recently had an encounter with an individual which forced me to take a step back and look at how I perceived things. The daily influences we have shift our perspectives and helps to determine what type of expectations we create.

If you just need a little hmph for a mid-week motivation and utilize the principles I have listed below, I promise you your life will change for the better- I know that mine has!

WRITE IT DOWN! List the expectations you intend on gaining from yourself and others by the end of this year. Place your desires into a journal that you can reflect back on them at regular intervals such as weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.​ ​​Develop a short-term goal that is realistically attainable within the next three months for you; one of which you can create a consistent habit throughout the year? Whether it’s taking an aerobics class, painting, walking on your lunch breaks, getting up at 5 am instead of 6 am, whatever works with your new flow. Eliminate the excuses! Never lose focus on what prompted you to slay your goals in the first place. TREAT YOURSELF! Buy yourself fresh flowers weekly or add a new space in your home. If you are a woman of faith, you can have a peace corner where you manifest, read, and pray! Get creative with your ideas, and do not limit yourself! Determine the end result of your goal. When you are able to visualize the outcome it builds a healthier habit of attaining all that you have envisioned. GO HARD OR GO HOME!- As a great friend of mines once said. If you’re not willing to invest in yourself, then your thoughts are wasteful if you refuse to grant yourself the consistency you need. Be comfortable with the unknown! Are you familiar with the phrase, “Being comfortable with being uncomfortable”! Needless to say, it definitely serves its purpose, yet it’s not quite a risk everyone is willing to take. Even I am working on mastering this process. Create Boundaries! If your intentions are to flourish you need to separate yourself from old habits in order to blossom. Walk in your purpose! Once you acknowledge all the things that drive you and that will assist you in maintaining your goals your platform will be much easier to reach. BECOME A LIVING TESTIMONY!! Do you feel confident enough now to reach deep inside of you and take everything that’s yours? Feel free to comment below on how these principles have changed your life. Remember, the universe is always listening! Ase’

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Lola B. Morgan

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