Daddy's Girls: The 5 Types of Fatherless Daughters

​For the past year, I have been on a journey of exploring my inner world in an attempt to desperately gain an understanding and awareness of myself.

In doing so I have come to understand why many of us behave the way we do. I have come to a conclusion: all of our needs, wants, and fears stem from our childhood. Pretty scary isn't it?

People will think that little disappointments from their childhood won’t affect them when subconsciously it could be the driving force behind their entire life.

Oftentimes, we try to overcome or solve the dysfunction from our childhood by repeating the situation over and over again in an attempt to master it. This is why many people will choose to partake in dysfunctional romantic relationships because they are trying to "fix" the broken relationship they had with their mother or father by re-enacting it over and over again. 

If something as small as getting rejected by classmates can influence a rage that would case a child to shoot and kill other children, can one imagine what not having a father would do? There is this book called Whatever Happened to Daddy's Little Girl?The Impact of Fatherlessness on Black Women  by Jonetta Rose Barrasand and in it she discusses the five types of women that are the procreation of fatherlessness.

Here are the 5 Types of Fatherless Daughters

1. The un factor:

This factor is a feeling of being unlovable and unworthy. She constantly involves herself in relationships and situations that perpetuate this feeling she has for herself. She may get involved in an impossible relationship but try very hard to make it work. When it eventually ends in rejection and disappointment, it validates her unworthiness.

2. Triple fear factor: This is the fear of rejection, abandonment, and commitment. Our first relationship is with our fathers and by there being a lack of commitment in that first relationship, it makes these women truly fearful of commitment. They are involved in relationships that offer no real chance of commitment. The relationship again ends in rejection and abandonment further perpetuating their fear.

3. Sexual healing factor:

This is the most widely known "daddy issue". The promiscuous girl. This factor ranges from promiscuity to total abstinence as well. The common factor between being promiscuous and abstinent is the lack of true intimacy. This woman fears loss so avoids intimacy at all costs. She cannot control the loss that comes with intimacy so she controls her sex life. This also commonly leads to women having children in an attempt to fill a void.  

4. Over factor:

This is characterized by overreacting, overachieving, over doing something to the point of addiction. It can also be a trick and pony show in an attempt to tell her father you’ll be sorry that you didn't want me.

5. RAD factor: Rage. Anger. Depression Rage is anger directed outwards in either a positive way with a determination to achieve or directed in a negative way such as violence and destruction. Anger directed inwards is depression.  

All of these types of fatherless women can suffer emotionally, spiritually and mentally if they're not able to gain insight and heal the little girl that's been hurt. One extremely important concept that I took away from my own experience with counseling was that as adults, we have to learn how to parent the inner child. This means learning how to love that child, soothe them when they're hurt and upset and discipline them when we know what's best. 

 Many women struggle with the absence of their father physically, emotionally, or both. Hopefully if you see yourself in one of these types you will come to see what is going on and talk to someone about it so that you can heal. Men be fathers to your daughters, it truly makes a world of difference. 

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About the Author:

Manda Northern

Manda has over four years of experience as an internet entrepreneur. She has launched and ran several businesses as a Virtual Assistant, Freelance Writer, Social Media Strategist, Blogger, and Business Strategy Coach. Her latest venture is as a blogger behind Bloggers That Profit which is a resource for bloggers to start, grow and profit from their blogs. Manda is passionate about helping others to succeed and believes that entrepreneurship is empowerment. 

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