Are they Supporters or Bandwagoners: How to spot Opportunists

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

By Cina James

Most understand the term "Jumping on the bandwagon" to describe someone supporting a person, product, phenomenon or idea etc. after it has become a success. 

The key word here is AFTER...(it has become a success). Most times, the individual who is said to be jumping on the bandwagon does so from an opportunistic place.

These types of people are not hard to spot. They are usually the last ones to donate, support or help the cause, but the first ones to show up to receive some sort of recognition, praise, or notoriety for something they had no hand in creating.

While they are usually tolerated, they are never really respected as a leader or forward thinking individual. Instead, they are looked at as leeches; always looking for something for nothing.

To be clear, there's nothing wrong with supporting successful businesses and people. The issue comes in when you're doing so for the sole purpose of using someone else's "shine" to somehow increase your own.

Social media continues to encourage bandwagon jumping behavior because it makes it much easier for bandwagoners to identify worthy causes and to advertise/promote their owners in an effort to appear like "supporters" without very much effort. 

Thanks to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, band-wagoners can do more name dropping and shout-outs than ever before.  They can jump on and off bandwagons in the blink of an eye as new companies and overnight celebrities are created.

Are their bandwagon jumpers in your circle? I'm willing the bet that if you are reading this blog, you know at least one legit bandwagon jumper. (Note: If you don't know any, you might be one)

Here's step-by-step what you can do to call out the bandwagon jumpers in your circle:

1. Start a company/new idea/project and set a goal to raise x amount of dollars by a certain date ($100 for instance).

2. Contact everybody you know including family, friends, social media associates, coworkers, boyfriends/girlfriends etc. and ask for a donation (it could be $5).

3. Wait to see how many responses/donations you get (spoiler: don't expect much- especially from family and close friends).

4. Follow up with everyone and let them know that you raised your money (even if you didn't) and invite them all out to a fake event that will be televised on a major network with celebrity hosts and free giveaways OR make up an elaborate story about a huge deal you got because of your efforts.

5. Wait on the long drawn out shout outs via social media, the heartfelt phone calls and texts from family, friends and social media associates asking for a favor or to let you know how they knew you would make it all along; and just like that you've identified the bandwagon jumpers in your circle.

Seriously though, you don't have to do all this to recognize the bandwagon jumpers in your circle. Simply set a goal, accomplish that goal and live your life to be a success. Take notice to the people that support you in the beginning versus the ones who wait until you make it to come out of nowhere demanding something or just wanting to be seen and associated with you.

I've known many bandwagon jumpers; some I considered close friends at one point. These people will go out of their way to support successful STRANGERS before they support the people who actually love and support them. They spend more time promoting the good fortune and success of others than they pour into building and growing themselves into the success they wish to be.

Again, this is not to down supporting the success of others! The point of this post is for people who find themselves jumping from ship to ship to wake up and start living in a manner that will allow them to be that success as well.

Why continue self destructing behavior that keeps you in the same position (looking for the next best thing to happen to you as opposed to focusing your time, energy and God-given talent to create the next best thing for you)?

As I continue to grow, love, nurture, protect and respect myself, I have made it a point to identify and detach myself from the disloyal bandwagon jumpers on my team and to fill the void with better finances, education, training, and experience so that I can support those who supported me (from the beginning), as well as others who are still climbing to reach the top! ​ Isn't it time that you jumped on the NO band-wagoners bandwagon as well?

About the Author:

Cina James

Cina is a passionate, multi-faceted entrepreneur and mentor that has worked and served women for over ten years. Her experience spans doing PR work for years, starting and running multiple internet businesses, running a speaker's bureau and her latest venture, opening and running a beauty services shop, Superior Beauty Services in the Atlanta area. Cina's reputation for mentorship precedes her with several mentee relationships under her wing. Cina is passionate about uniting young women and empowering them to be everything they can be in business and life!

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