Empowerment of Sisterhood

Sisterhood! What does this word mean to me? Envisioning the word sisterhood makes me think of when I lived in Memphis, Tennessee and grew up with a childhood friend named Terrica. It makes me smile just thinking about her because I idolized her in my younger years. We worked out together- getting up early mornings performing crunches and situps, challenged one another, played jacks, and she gave me advice on boys although our age gap was years in between. My mind lands on Terrica because our memories were always so fond. As a matter of fact, thinking of Terrica acknowledges the beautiful and powerful women who surrounded her. Terica’s mother owning a home daycare center which still successfully runs till this day! It’s as if her mother had magical hands who could repurpose any garment and soothe the soul of any child! While recollecting the thoughts in my mind, Terrica’s grandmother- Evelyn owned a Salon which my mother visited faithfully once a week to get her short pixie dew curled to perfection. It’s astonishing knowing of her Aunts who either possessed a skill to launch a skincare line or just be bomb-ass hairdressers!

​ It has taken me at the age of 30 to recognize and be open to the strength and bond of which sisterhood represents. It sounds weird saying it aloud, but I’ve never been able to take advantage of building a tribe of women who supported me until I launched A Griot’s Corner, and partnered with Black Girl’s Create International!

We hear so many stories about women who refuse to support one another in the workplace, women fighting over men well below our standards, and friendships that fail from poor communication and envy.

Can you recall a figure in your life who constantly forces you to rely on your own thoughts to fix a solution? A GIRLFRIEND that has been loyal, providing undoubting confidence to root for you, even when you make mistakes that they don’t quite approve of? It’s time to rise above it all and embrace the women in our lives.This can be done by first acknowledging you. What are some things that you have to offer? Let’s look over a few words that are built around the phrase “sisterhood”.

Power- The magnitude of energy that leaves you feeling like a flame, and motivated to persevere. Magic- Believing the unknown and trusting that her encouragement is your own. Acknowledgment- Your sister is aware of your energy before you are able to acknowledge how you may feel. Bonding- The opportunity to be vulnerable, to build like-minded relationships. Supportive- Relying on your shoulder to shoulder connection. The fight is never your own! Renewed- The relationship you share with your sister feels like a breath of fresh air. Pray- Those who pray together stay together! If you don't have a prayer warrior may one come close to you soon! Breakthrough- Sister’s challenge you to be the best version of yourself, and allow you to form like a beautiful butterfly. It is women who helped groom A Griot’s Corner, from my loving mother to one of the co-founders of BGC. It is the state of a woman that holds us high and closer to the sun. Thanking God for the harvest, and investment of women all around us! May we continue to rise up, and be an image for others to gaze upon! More than just a shoulder to cry on, the bond of sisterhood shows us the reflections of ourselves through someone else. It reminds us of what we are capable of, and of the effects of using our POWER for good. Share this with the members of your TRIBE, or a sister-friend you never want to live without. Feel free when reposting to honor the fact that someone is grateful for all of the things you have to offer in this post as well! Ase’

About the Author:

Lola B. Morgan

Content writer, Influencer, and Creator of ​A GRIOT'S CORNER, are just minor details to this young woman's story. Creatively captivating her audience, Lola proclaims using her voice to reveal untold stories and pushing content that allows reflection. Looking to ride her coat-tail she's just a click away: @oooh_lo_lah

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