Give it to me, I'm worth it! How to Negotiate For More in Your Life

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

By Lola Morgan

When is the last time you’ve asked yourself, “WHO AM I”? It sounds like such a boastful question, I know! Perception of reality is so needed to answer this because, this question demands character, value, and an answer nonetheless! How can your heart be filled, fortunes flourish, and life change without starting with yourself?

When I was an undergraduate in college, I had an infatuation with the human mind. I wanted to be the changer of all things, and became truly inspired to assist those in all walks of life- this is still factual to this day.

Once, while discussing my goals and passions with my parents, my stepfather rose to the occasion to knock me off my soapbox and inform me of some essential advice I still carry with me today:


I must admit straight out of high school having ideas and hearing his advice left my feelings butt-hurt! However, his advice was dead on and needed to be said because there are times that develop where we need to be open and receptive to the universe’s messages.

My Stepfather, a Babalawo of the Yoruba land has always been a vessel of culture and gritty testimonies. Outside of his Aries nature, he is one of the best people to discuss life goals and the very person I think of when I hear the phrase, “Fire burning Inside of You”.

On a recent family vacation, my mother reminded me of how much of a go-getter he is. She insisted that he is the very person who is the greatest example of, "Work in progress!"

Life demands all that we are able to offer and as reggae artists Frighty & Colonel Mite state, “Life is What You Make It”. Have you ever made yourself present in a situation and thought, what’s next?

What I can tell you, is that it is time to dig! 2018 will no longer be a meme of, "Living Your Best Life”, but here at BGC we will ignite every ounce of fire inside of you and force you to command exactly what you want!

My favorite person, author, and minister Sarah Jakes Roberts influenced me to share a few questions to make your year as dynamic as you’ve envisioned!

What answering WHO AM I does for your progression:

Accepts truths that we usually do not reveal.Creates transparencyInstills appreciation for your creation and craftBest way to reflect and assess situations you find yourself in.Learn your valueCancels the expectations to seek acceptance from others.Learn what fires are burning inside of you.                                                                  

Where have you come from?

Creates obedienceBreaks pre-existing habits from being recurring habitsAccepts reflections of our good, bad, and ugly situationsCanceling the ability for others to have control over our desires.Appreciation of our journeyWho am I now that I’ve found myself in many elements?Ability to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE.Belonging to the right tribe- cultivate your circle.

GRIT- Strength of character, passion, and perseverance in a long-term setting.

Where are you going?Where is the next destination, and what do you look like in this destination?How will your grit be utilized in the future?Are you prepared for obstacles, and for the success?Are you ready to start over if necessary?Why have you chosen this destination?Will you be fulfilled once choosing the desire?Have you created healthy habits to expand in this destination?​Engaging in better environments, keep stepping up not back! Sarah Jakes Roberts role in my life has sculpted me to create this guideline for you. Preview her Sermon on "Stretched to Capacity" linked below. I promise after answering these questions you will gather all the fire that has been burning inside of you to be ignited! Now let’s go to work! ​ I can’t wait to hear how this assists you on your journey. Feel free to comment, share, and post on your social media pages.

About the Author:

Lola B. Morgan

Branding Specialist, Influencer, and Creator ​of A GRIOT'S CORNER, are just minor details to this young woman's story. Creatively captivating her audience, Lola proclaims using her voice to reveal untold stories and pushing content that allows reflection. Looking to ride her coat-tail she's just a click away: @oooh_lo_lah

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