Health is Wealth! 7 Ways to Live a More Healthy & Wealthy Life

With everyone focusing on looking their best these days, I wanted to write a quick post about the importance of actually being your best!

We live in a society where physical beauty trumps everything... You know what I mean! As long as someone is physically appealing, their morals, values  and day-to-day actions really does not matter #shade (think InstaCelebs, reality stars etc.)

It's no wonder there are all of these people flying to third world countries risking their lives (some losing their life) for cheap procedures that yield short lived results, instant gratification and some bragging rights.

While I too want to look my best, I also recognize the importance of living my best life.

What I'm saying is that I also want to feel my best and know that I am as healthy on the inside as I look on the outside.

I hate when people say: "Girl why are you working out?" or "You don't need to lose no weight." My response is always "Maybe I just want to live a long life!"

Does that make sense? It seems like people are so focused on "working out" to look a certain way, but the main reason doctors recommend doing some sort of cardio three times per week is to keep your heart functioning for the long haul.

You get it? They are recommending that you work out so that your body is able to withstand all the environmental, emotional and physical damage that will be inflicted upon it over these harsh and long years we're praying to live through.

A beneficial side affect of working out is that you also "look good," but be clear that looking good should be secondary to actually "living good".

For me, this is very personal. Recently, I learned that I was dealing with a hyperactive thyroid (Hyperthyroidism) through a routine physical.

Now I have always worked out (before it was cool to post gym flow pics on social media), but it never meant so much to me now that I haven't been able to work out as much due to symptoms associated with hyperthyroidism (the body’s processes speed up and you may experience nervousness, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, hand tremor, excessive sweating, weight loss, and sleep problems, among other symptoms-

It dawned on me that as a society, we put so much emphasis on looking our best and forget to take care of ourselves outside of our outward appearances.

No amount of makeup, liposuction, crunches, face lifts etc. can save your heart or liver from shutting down.

That's why in addition to working out, we have to be reminded to make all around better decisions about what we ingest and expose our bodies to.

Just like you only get one life, you only get one body to live your life with.

With that said, please invest in your health  as it is the most important investment you can ever make!

7 Tips to Live Your Best Life: 1. Take time to research and find a good doctor(s), then schedule all of your routine/preventative care visits

2. Research healthy foods/nutrition and start making better choices for yourself and your family

3. Join a gym or recreation team

4. Invest in active wear clothing and tennis shoes

5. Subscribe to a magazines or channel to get ideas on better ways to live a healthy life

6. Pray, meditate, or practice yoga (your mental well being is just as important)

7. Just do something... make 1 change per month geared toward living a more fulfilled life!

While we are all about being healthy on the inside, I'm also about looking your best on the outside too! I've always been obsessed with skincare so I've started an aesthetics spa called Superior Beauty Services! Check us out here. 

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