How to Secure the Bag in your 9-5

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

By Lola Morgan

ASo there’s no confusion when one hears the phrase, “Secure the bag”, the urban dictionary has broken it down for us all!

In short, "secure the bag" is an expression used to describe the act of taking/obtaining advantage of the situation and keep something of value.

It’s been said that securing the bag can only be referenced for entrepreneurs. According to the Pew Research Center, 150 Million Americans are part of the workforce. If this includes you, in what ways are you able to win within the rat race? In this blog post, I will provide you with a crash-course of making the best out of any situation. Hold on tight, because lives will be changed!

1) Invest in Classes/Certifications to set yourself apart. Ensure that the position you are seeking is something you have a passion for. It’s best not to waste your time for a small gratification. While learning about the new role you plan to attain, think about ways to set yourself apart. Contact your HR and find out if the company offers professional certifications or tuition reimbursements.

2)  Set up a meeting with your Hiring Manager Since you have already put your best foot forward, the next thing to do, is place in your manager’s mind how they should start perceiving you. Scheduling a sit-down meeting shows that you are serious, and plan to take control of your goals. Write down bullet points and trigger words about your performance that will help capture their attention and showcase your value.

 Example: Integrity, Self-Motivated, Dedicated, Accountable, Passionate, You can also utilize these words within your interview, as well as using statistics based on your performance. You want to oversell yourself in the most discreet, yet manageable way.

3)  Set forth goals of your desired pay/needs- regardless of your current salary. I have said it before, and it must be said again! Knowing your worth is crucial. Our life begins and ends in the mind, everything that we want and envision is possible. Never let anyone tell you otherwise!

​ 4)  Be aware of your environment. Now that you have spoken to your manager about seeking a higher role, if/when the position is available he/she will express to the team that you have shown interest. This is where your grit comes into play. The coworkers you once knew will show a bit of tenacity you’ve never seen before. Be aware that the workplace is not a home to build “friendships”, relationships yes, friendships no. If your sustaining relationships turn into friendships, then Yay! Nevertheless, keep in mind that your friend turning into your competition at this time MAY not be the friendliest. Be humble, remain quiet about your goals, and keep striving!

5)  Be a Forward Thinker Leaders succeed by seeing things before they even exist. For example, you have an unruly coworker who is stuck in their ways, how do you go about creating better energy that can serve a greater purpose for the team? Highlight their strengths, acknowledge what needs improvement, be tactful, and learn from them. We all have something to offer that someone else may not be able to achieve in the moment. Their strength can be your weakness and vice versa. Camaraderie can be built right where you are, even before you walk into your desired position. This tactic helps build stronger relationships because you are acknowledging that you are just like your peers- relatable.

        noun: camaraderiemutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.  6)  Be diligent and have integrity Although you are aiming for this position, what if you do not get it this time around? You must prepare for both sides of the spectrum, be versatile, and okay with whatever decision even if you do not agree. You must create a humble demeanor and keep working because there are eyes that are still watching. What is meant for you will never leave, and will be sought out without your will.

My favorite Manifestation: I am open and willing to receive all that I desire in its divine time. What no longer serves me will surpass me, and what does serve me will always work in tune with my energy for the greater good.

When you do land this job QUEEN, ensure that you will change the game. Learn from your peers past, exceed expectations, and glide on your new wave. May all that you desire be fruitful! Ase’...

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