How to Seek Opportunity in Every Disappointment

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

By Lola Morgan

If you're woman of style and grace, your wardrobe may consist of shape wear, your favorite heels, and of course the most relaxed pair of flats, or wedges!

Can you recall the images that run through your mind every time you slip these on? However, many women can attest that no matter what size your shape-wears are or how low your heels, both can be rather uncomfortable.

Figuratively and literally we always carry a backup of anything that makes us feel secure and provide room to breath in times of discomfort like bringing those flat shoes “just in case”!

​Isn’t it ironic that the way we handle relationships, and our goals are commonly the same way we look at mere accessories? Somehow in this world, there are those who are built to endure pain, and others who are content with their circle- rather it is complacency or their season to reap what’s necessary.



About seven months ago one of my good girlfriends named Karen contacted me in regards to a job offer that was well below her current pay rate, but in the most beautiful location you could imagine.

The company offered all of the benefits she sought out and perks that were needed to glorify her journey. Of course, before accepting the position, a salary was provided. Yet, the salary was lower than her current pay and even though she really wanted to move to this beautiful new location,  Karen is the type of person who tends to over-exceed certain goals, including financial ones. ​However, Karen ended up taking the job, which is the company she worked for in the past. I presume the financial burden didn’t worry her in the moment, due to the fact that she knew that there would be potential for growth. Little did Karen understand, she was being led into the season of reaping her Harvest.


A few weeks into the new job, a higher position became available, the same position she once acquired before within the same company that she worked for now.

We were so excited; I gleamed and professed to Karen that we must have manifested the next level when she started crunching the numbers of her new salary- because I knew something would come through as it always has in the past. ​ Karen pushed to acquire the promotion and put 110% effort towards it to ensure she  was the best candidate for the position.

Her ego had an image as to what was in store for her, and she perceived everything forming in perfect alignment.

Karen interviewed for the position and was found to not be the best candidate based on the hiring manager’s standards. Not once, but twice denied for the same position within her office.

As you can imagine she was floored, frustrated, baffled, insulted, and simply in awe of the overall outcome.


When she originally accepted the new the job offer, her new bills were no less than they were before, and as fiscally responsible as Karen was, she wanted to ensure that her lifestyle and credit score were not depleted based on her decisions.

After getting rejected for the new position that would increase her salary, she found herself in a very heavy and unusual place.

We prayed together requesting for the heavens to order her steps, create substance for her situation, and add value where she lacked.

Just as the feeling of strapping on a waist shaper and heels, she grew weary of not knowing how long she could endure what once sounded like so sweet of a deal.

Years of living parent-free had been easy down the line, but as she reflected on the past months, and admired the envision she set for herself, she knew GOD was restoring something that was lost inside of her, we could feel it!


After experiencing such magnitude of disappointment she honed all of her experience into one and formed her own consulting firm. Through the mist of, “being comfortable with being uncomfortable”, she gained enough courage to surpass past barriers. The substance and value she requested came from her own craft.

At a point in your life you have to stop asking yourself, am I good enough? Do I have the expectations or qualities of my friends, peers or family?

When you exceed your own expectations, a magnificent amount of energy rises to fulfill the junction of what’s truly leading you to your destiny.

If these seven months were never experienced, she would have lacked the drive to pursue what makes her feel whole. I pray that the transparency in my writing inspires you, allows you to avoid common mistakes, and to effortlessly flourish in this world. May this year continuously be the greatest adventure we’ve ever basked in. Ase’

I conclude our story with a sermon from a woman who stirs my soul, Sarah Jakes Roberts “Work Your Win” the beauty who inspired me to write this piece. Please enjoy, and don’t hesitate to leave your feedback.

About the Author:

Lola B. Morgan

Branding Specialist, Influencer, and Creator of A GRIOT'S CORNER, are just minor details to this young woman's story. Creatively captivating her audience, Lola proclaims using her voice to reveal untold stories and pushing content that allows reflection. Looking to ride her coat-tail she's just a click away: @oooh_lol_lah

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