Self Love Isn't Selfish

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Parents and educators teach young girls how to make the bed, add and subtract, and make dinner; but I can't ever recall a lesson on self love or promoting your own well being.

It is so very important to know how to love yourself as woman. When you don't, the self neglect negatively affects every aspect of your life including your relationships, your finances, and your health.

It is not enough to say you love yourself, you must also act on it. To engage in self love is to consider yourself and your needs, care for yourself, put yourself first, invest time in learning who you are, discover what you believe in, enjoy spending time with yourself, respect yourself and expect the same from others.

Today, it seems like our young women associate their outward appearance with loving themselves when they really have no clue who they are.

​It's important not to focus on how others view you especially since they probably only know the representative you present on daily basis, and not who you really are when you have nothing left but your thoughts.

Let's be clear, I too have been there- saying I love myself, but participating in activities or associating with certain things that proved otherwise.

I had to be honest with myself and ask those tough questions that led me to make a change in my surroundings, my associations and my own self sabotaging ways. It is a hard, but rewarding process that is anything but selfish.

You may find that your own family and friends find you selfish for choosing to love yourself by exchanging your old bad habits for productive ones. That's life! You have to continue to stand your ground and love yourself through your transition.

It is not selfish to care about you and how certain things make you feel. Truly listen to yourself and how you feel after doing certain things. If you have a guilty, sad, depressing or unfulfilled vibe, then let it go.

"It" could be people, places, jobs, significant others, food, drugs, etc. Only do the things that fill you up with hope, happiness, energy, love and life! 

If you don't know what fills you up, then it's time you learned! Take inventory of your life; the good versus the bad. Then create a plan to replace the negatives with positives.

In the end, you will understand more about yourself and you may actually know more as you find ways to replace the things in your life causing you grief.

Ephesians 5 29 For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:does the church,

Cina James - Co-Founder

Cina is a passionate, multi-faceted entrepreneur and mentor that has worked and served women for over ten years. Her experience spans doing PR work for years, starting and running multiple internet businesses, running a speaker's bureau and her latest venture, opening and running a beauty services shop,

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