5 Tools to Help You Hit Reset

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

By Lola Morgan

1) ​Speak Positivity Into Your Life - Speak Affirmations, Your Favorite Mantras, or  Whatever Inspires You!

This ritual is very crucial and highly effective when repeated. When most awake in the morning, they find themselves visiting the same place religiously; whether it’s the kitchen, the bathroom, or just sitting upright at the edge of the bed trying to gather their sanity.

These are all great areas to open your mind and channel your true desires. Psychologist and Senior Fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley Rick Hanson, Ph. D., stated, ‘’Waking up is like the sun rising. At first, it's mostly dark, as glimmers of consciousness begin to light the shadows. Emerging into full wakefulness, the fogs and veils dissolve and the whole plain of your mind comes into view. It's quiet: a restiveness in the body, sleepy still, not yet much internal verbal chatter. There's an intimacy with yourself, abiding by the core of your being.”

I felt that in my soul! Can you feel it?

It comes as no surprise, that this encouraging soul also created one of my favorite reads, Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom- this is one you will not regret.

2) Develop Accountability

When you hear the term, “Accountability” what comes to mind? For me, accountability refers to anything I want to commit myself to. The standard of this does not have to be concrete. It does change based on what you strive to accomplish.

Have you set a weight-loss goal? Are you logging your food for the day, or monitoring your time on daily tasks? With the start of the new year these are common goals to have, and a great way to follow-through with developing consistent behaviors.

According to research by Barbara and Greg Markway, psychologists and researchers, James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente, describe six stages people encounter when embracing new habits.

The Six Stages of Habit CreationPrecontemplationContemplationPreparationActionMaintenanceTermination As stated before, your follow-through process must be consistent in order to retrain your mind. Being aware of the 6 steps above could help you from steering away from the things that will make you more accountable.

3) Meditate

This sounds so cliche’, but I absolutely love Yoga. I am a firm believer in, “finding power in silence”. Situations will vary based on your needs. Furthermore, in my eyes solitude brings much relief!

Whether I can find it on my one hour break from work or cooking dinner for my family. Some outlets are soothing and finding what relaxes you will ease stressors that come about during your week.

Whether you work from home or commute to your job, setting an example and putting yourself first helps develop time to meditate. A personal trainer once explained to me, “making yourself a priority first thing in the morning sets the tone, and assists to retrain your mind of how you think”. There was no lie found in his message. What’s your choice of meditation?

4) Be Selfless

A great friend of mine once inspired me when asking him about his birthday plans, and he stated that he planned to volunteer at an organization geared towards single family and battered women and children.

What a way to take a step back and reconsider some of the ways we celebrate life. Performing selfless acts can be minor; such as paying for the next customers coffee, assisting a co-worker in areas where they seek relief, feeding the homeless, reading books to children, volunteering at a hospice, the list goes on!

Taking the time out of your day to give to someone else without expectation brings about gratitude and fortune that money can not buy. It also instills better values, empathy, and molds perspectives to worldly views. Have a goal for your acts of kindness to have a domino effect, when one person is touched, every person you encounter will be affected.

5) Trust The Process

#TrustTheProcess is a hashtag I once read while scrolling through my Instagram feed in 2011. You’re probably thinking, how odd it is for you to remember that. I tend to have a selective memory, but mainly of the things that have impacted me.

During a time where I needed to hear the phrase “Trust the process”, it was a daily reminder when I had zero patience with myself and others. We all have goals and intentions that need to be clear. However, the process is often not. 

Being a firm believer in manifestation is tricky. Although you envision the things or experiences you want to attain, not everything will align with how you see them. Having faith is the best option. If faith is not an alternative for you then understanding exactly where you are in the moment is okay.

Tell yourself aloud, “It is okay. I am okay. I am trusting the process.” Not only will it calm your nerves but you will appreciate what’s meant for you, and also what isn’t. Everything or person has its season and it takes a level of maturity to realize that.

I look forward to hearing how these tactics have helped you in rebooting your week, day, or life! Feel free to comment below, until next time!

About the Author:

Lola B. Morgan

Branding Specialist, Influencer, and Creator of A Griot's Corner are just minor details to this young woman's story. Creatively captivating her audience, Lola proclaims using her voice to reveal untold stories and pushing content that allows reflection. Looking to ride her coat-tail she's just a click away: @oooh_lol_lah

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