Turn Hashtags into Real-Life Actions

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Author: Lola Morgan

For as long as I can remember I’ve prayed… Being a faithful member of the universe while successfully aligning myself with my goals, and sometimes stopping short simply because it wasn’t my time. It seems as if the hiatus I’ve taken has helped me heal in some ways, hit reset, and replenish myself. Harshly, I don’t want to admit that I wasted the last two quarters worrying about things that didn’t quite fulfill my purpose- yet, we are our own worse critic and nothing is ever a waste of time, it’s a lesson. Even when we want to find out what niche’ is necessary to feed our soul while making a profit off of it, the process can be quite difficult. Joining Black Girl’s Create International helped restore that structure, and align my true goals within my destiny.

While recently attending one of BGC’s many events, a reformed definition of PURPOSE took a hold of me. On the outside, I appeared observant but on the inside, my spirit was on fire and beamed with glee.

Every area I’ve ever expressed whether internally or externally were all spoken by women who look like me, who feel like me, and who also want to utilize their gifts to enlighten the next generation. Which was quite refreshing!

A few undeniable characteristics amongst the group were that we are VISIONARIES & CREATORS. The artsy themed haven that housed a room full of relentless women on a mission, confident, and intrigued to find formulas that could be recreated to expand our brands, was the most prolific thing I became apart of in 2018- and the year isn’t over!


I wouldn’t advise if the gap I developed between healing and my creativity over the past months is time sensitive just yet, but one thing I understand about being me is that I move at my own pace, not pressed with being rushed. My movements are like baking cupcakes, it’s precise, worth the wait, sweet, but takes time. If you rush baking your cupcakes they won’t rise! And if they are overcooked, the process will have to be repeated- and who has time for that!

There are lessons in knowing who you are, and what works for you. There are people who will have known you your whole life but can’t dictate how you operate, and shouldn’t.   

Whatever dreams you have don’t forget them, don’t stop envisioning them, and never take no for an answer.


There are people who have paved the way for us for a reason and you’ve allowed them to be an inspiration. Furthermore, we have to put in the work! The goal is to turn hashtags into real life actions.  Now, what goals are you slaying for the next quarter that you can build upon fully in 2019 because we are creating platforms to feed on for years to come. Leave a comment below and share with your friends, followers, family, and co-workers. Heck, become a member and you will never loose track. We can't wait to hear about your anointing and how it inspires the world!

Lola B. Morgan

Content writer, Influencer, and Creator of  A GRIOT'S CORNER, are just minor details to this young woman's story. Creatively captivating her audience, Lola proclaims using her voice to reveal untold stories and pushing content that allows reflection. Looking to ride her coattail? She's just a click away: @oooh_lo_lah

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