We're Starting the Creator's List! (And a Bunch of Other Updates)

Hey Girl Hey!

We have sooo many things coming down the pipeline that we wanted to write a blog post summarizing all the ways we plan to add value to our community of over 8,000 amazing women!

Can we pause and reflect on that for a minute!?

It's been nearly a year and a half since we started BGCI and we cannot believe how fast the community is growing!

We're sooo grateful for each and every one of you and want to continue to connect and empower creative entrepreneurs around the world.

So, without further adieu, here's what we're adding to BGCI starting Q2 2019:

1. The Creator's List

We've been saying for a while that we want to start bringing more actionable, consistent content to you guys to help you build your businesses and really live your best lives. 

We have decided to start a weekly newsletter called The Creator's List which will be a carefully cultivated list of resources, motivation, and inspiration to help prime creative entrepreneurs for the week. 

We will be speaking to black women from the perspective of black women and hope that we can bring immense value to you guys! 

First volume will be launching next Monday, March 11th, 2019. If you have any resources, black, female entrepreneurs that we should follow or inspiration for this newsletter, please shoot us an email at blackgirlscreateatl@gmail.com

2. Book Club - We've been wanting to launch a book club for a while and we're finally bringing this idea to fruition! We will be providing a list of cultivated books specifically for creatives to choose from as well as creating a toolkit for creatives all over the world to facilitate book club meetings in their own home. We can't wait to see the discussions, collaborations, and meet-ups that come from this book club! 

3. Business Women Directory - We want to create THE largest directory for black business women available and will definitely need your help to do it! We've received an overwhelming response to this on social media and we're working furiously to get something up on our site. 

If you'd like to be on this directory, please fill out this questionnaire - https://goo.gl/forms/dqjZB14mwRcR2uWh2

4. Opportunity Board - We worked with our current members and found out that one of the most valuable things that BGCI brought to their lives was the connections they were able to make with other creatives. With this being said, we wanted to facilitate a way to cultivate creative collaborations in an efficient way and thought this Opportunity Board would be the best way to do so!

This resource will be something for members only but will be something that anyone can contribute to.

Basically, it will be a board with various creative gigs, jobs, and collaboration opportunities that members can access. 

5. Re-launching & Re-opening of Membership - We are completely re-doing membership and making it a more online resource so that anyone across the world can access the community and feel a part of it. We will be re-launching membership in Q2 but will keep it exclusive (meaning you have to be on the newsletter or in the inner circle in order to access it!) 

6. Online Forum/Community for New Members - Another new perk for members; we've created a private forum for new members! This is yet something else that we will hopefully help all members feel a part of the community. 

7. Creative's Mastermind - We keep saying that masterminding is one of the best ways to grow in your business and in your life but didn't have a way to facilitate this with you. We're now changing this by creating a toolkit where you can meet up with other creative entrepreneurs virtually or in person and host your own mastermind. 

8. New Website - We're completely re-working and re-designing our website to be more intuitive and easier to navigate for our members and community. As you can see, the website is already mostly done but we still have a few final items to tie up.

9. Partnership with Easter Seals - Last but certainly not least, we are partnering with Easter Seals to help disabled children have access to resources in order for them to be empowered and live better lives. A part of the proceeds we receive from BGCI will go towards this organization. More details on this to come soon!

Whew! Well girl, we have a ton of work to do but we're super dedicated to bringing as much real value to you as possible!

BTW, will we see you at our next event?

We're super excited for our next two BGCI events!

Not sure if you know buttttt, we have a chapter in Florida! 

Our fearless leader Lola Morgan is the president of our Florida chapter and lives in St. Pete, Fl. 

With that being said, we have TWO upcoming events: one in Atlanta, GA and one in St.Pete, FL. 

Breakthrough Dinner - Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 starting at 5 pm in Atlanta, GA 

Masterminds & Cocktails - Saturday, March 30th, 2019 - 12 - 3pm in St. Pete, FL

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